About Cufa

CUFA – Confederation United of Favelas- is a solid organization, nationally recognized  in the political, social, sports and cultural area. It was created from the union of young people from various favelas of Rio de Janeiro - mainly black - seeking spaces to express their attitudes, questions or just their desire to live.
The organization has the rapper MV Bill as one of its founders, he already received several awards due to their active participation in the Hip Hop movement. In 2004, UNESCO awarded him as one of the ten most militant people in the world in the last decade.

Besides him,CUFA has Nega Gizza, a strong female reference in the world of rap, known and respected for her commitment and dedication to social causes.
Nega Gizza is also the  director of Hutúz, the largest Rap festival in Latin America, which is produced by CUFA.
Hip Hop is the main form of expression CUFA and serves as an integration tool and social inclusion.

Being a movement that 20 years ago, survives outlining the Brazilian ghettos, even without the support from the media, grows and strengthens every day, snatching admirers of all socio-economic classes and leaving behind the label of "culture the excluded ". Throughout its existence, the Hip Hop movement is creating a strong, attractive, with great potential, and continues opening doors to new business unexplored.

Through its own language, CUFA intends to expand its forms and expression and range of possibilities. So, go spreading awareness of underprivileged sections of the population with professional training workshops, and other activities that increase the self-esteem periphery when they take knowledge to it, offering you new perspectives.

Our History

Acting as a cultural production center since 1999, through partnerships, support and sponsorship, CUFA train  and inform the citizens of Rio de Janeiro and the other 25 Brazilian states and the Federal District. Among the activities developed by CUFA, there are courses and workshops like; Break, Graffiti, Street Basketball, Skateboarding, Computers, Food, Audiovisual and many others. There are several actions promoted in the fields of education, sports, culture and citizenship, with own hand labor.
CUFA team is made mainly by young people trained in the workshops  of the institution  and  generally coming from the disadvantaged sections of society; mostly favelas residents.
Among the actions that print legitimacy to the work of CUFA, it is worth to remember Hutúz - single large event and focused expression exclusively on Hip Hop, and a landmark, a reference to this culture. Besides, there is LIIBRA -  International League of Street Basketball, which came through an action within the Hutúz 2003 when a teenager improvised  a basketball match with a waste basket, made this sport gain space Hutúz 2004 and a national championship in 2005.

Currently CUFA, Hutúz and LIIBRA are unique identity marks, unprecedented initiative making  its own loyal  public. This is not necessarily linked to the areas of expertise of each of the events, the whole CUFA as an institution makes a difference.

Our Ideology

• Cause:
- Empowerment of favelas residents
• Mission:
- Creation of a positive agenda, bringing knowledge, self-esteem, culture and quality of life for residents of Brazil favelas and the world.
• Vision: - To be a world reference of a democratic cultural management, integrated and self-sustaining in the favelas of Brazil;
• Values:
- Prioritize the black people;
- Making in our way;
- Breaking paradigms;
- Create opportunities;
- To spread the culture of the slums;
- Democratize access to culture;
- Insert socially favelas youth.

Our Projects

The International League of Street Basketball - LIIBRA – Is the sum of a set of national and international street basketball tournaments, covering LIBBRA (Brazilian League of Street Basketball) and national circuits of other countries where CUFA is present, since it was created by the non-governmental organization Central Unica das Favelas (CUFA), the LIIBRA mobilizes, with its own rules, the circuits in 17 countries, in addition to the 26 Brazilian states and the Federal District. 81,000 athletes and 5000 producers and volunteers involved in sport participation and citizenship. The competition takes place throughout the year in various alternative spaces of the participating countries, whether in streets, squares, bridges, etc. In 2005 CUFA incorporated hip hop for the street basketball and skateboarding, so that the space can be recognized as street basketball.